Let’s Start New Fiscal Year’s Ministry with Prayer

Two weeks ago, through Sunday sermon, I mentioned that we need to learn to pray whenever we sense God’s leading.  We have the tendency to forget the sermon so I want to repeat the message in the pastor’s corner.

Throughout history, we can see that when we share God’s prompt with others and pray together rather than keeping it to ourselves, it becomes a seed of something great for His purpose.  That was the way The Great Awakening in the 20th century started.  When America was indifferent toward mission, the flame started from a few students at a small college called Williams who gathered together to pray under a hay stack to avoid rain.  Prayer of many believers gathered together is very powerful and works great things.

Therefore, I suggest starting the new fiscal year’s ministry with prayer sessions.  First, the head of each department will organize prayer time at the initial meeting.  It is good to have a fellowship to build rapport but it should not be the sole purpose.  Each head must have God given desire for his ministry work.  If you do not have one, find one through prayer.  Please share the prayer list with core members and pray over it regularly.  If possible, please pray on a weekly basis.  If time does not permit, please pray earnestly whenever you meet for ministry work.

Also, the leader of smaller units should search God’s desire or pray continuously using the prayer list from the main head of the department.  Whenever you work on the ministry on Sundays, please pray hand in hand before you start work.  Pastors, staff and deacons will also pray whenever we meet for God’s direction for us.

The prayer list can be decided by the head of each team or department or the leader can ask to team members and compile a list from their input.  Until now, during Wednesday worship, we used to pray for mission, evangelism and worship for 15 minutes then moved on to personal prayer time.  However, from now on, we will spend more time in prayer for church events and other important matters.

It is my desire to see that many ministry teams are gathered together and pray fervently.  Our ministry should not be geared toward the achievement of goals because then ministry turns into ‘work’.  With our prayer and guidance of God, ministry will be a place to experience Him.

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