Every member serves in these ministries (PD 235)

New Life emphasizes the importance of every Christian being an active member at a local church. Without this, it’s impossible for us to grow as a Christ follower. Our triune God designed it in such a way that we can learn and grow the way He intended only in a loving community. Hence, He gave us the church. Therefore, we offer Membership Class (Class 101) regularly and we uphold our Membership Covenant highly. Every member of New Life has both privileges and responsibilities.

The more we walk with God and get to know Him, the more we realize that these privileges and responsibilities often overlap making them indistinguishable. Privileges are responsibilities and responsibilities are privileges. That’s why I often say to you that ministries (responsibilities) are privileges and I don’t ask New Life members more than twice to get involved in ministry because I don’t want to cheapen the ministries. We don’t do God and His church a favor when we serve. No, God is doing us a favor by providing us with these serving opportunities because we derive so much meaning and experience so much fulfillment when we serve. Therefore, we get to, not we have to, serve in ministries. This is the understanding and mindset of a mature Christ follower who knows the heart and mind of God.

I would like to remind you of some ministries that are required of every member of New Life to serve in.

One – 3G Sunday

3G stands for “Grass, Gardening and Garbage.” One Sunday every month after worship, all the villages take turns to pick up garbage on both our campus as well as our KSC’s campus. Nowadays, New Life hires people to cut our grass and beautify our garden. However, we ourselves pick up garbage on our campus. If we don’t do this, no one will. It is New Life members’ responsibility to keep the church campus clean so that it will be more inviting. We currently have 13 villages and each village is made up of 4-8 house churches and each house church is made up of 6-12 people. This means there are anywhere from 24 to 96 people in a village. If everyone in a village fully participates, this ministry will take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Two – Sunday refreshments

Sharing meals is a very important part of Christian life. Jesus often ministered to people while he was eating with them. And he instituted The Lord’s Supper not in isolation the way typical churches practice these days during Sunday worship but while he was having his last real meal with his disciples. The Bible takes sharing a meal at a dining table seriously because it has the meaning and significance of the banquet celebration we will have and enjoy when we enter into heaven. So, New Life takes meals seriously.

On each Sunday, we provide light refreshments after the first worship and light lunch after the second worship. All the house churches are organized in groups of three and they serve one month at a time. We shop, prepare, serve and clean. We have 76 house churches at the moment. This means, each house church serves one month every two years. Some ask me what happens when this ministry conflicts with their ministry with NLK rotation. It almost never happens. However, when it happens, then there are ways to serve in both ministries. For example, if you are scheduled to serve in NLK when it is your house church’s turn to serve in Sunday refreshments, then you can volunteer to shop before Sunday, come to church early to prepare or stay after worship to clean. If this conflict ever happens, it will happen once every two or three years. And as a member, you surely should be able to do this with a willing and cheerful spirit! : )

Three – NLK rotation

If you are a member of New Life and have a child who is a fifth grader or below, then you serve in NLK rotation one month every four months. There is no exception here! Also, during the month you serve, you must come to Sunday corporate worship service either before or after you serve in NLK. We don’t allow any parent who doesn’t participate in Sunday corporate worship service to serve in our NLK. I am hearing that there are parents who come just to serve in NLK during their rotation and then go home without participating in Sunday corporate worship service. This will not happen anymore! Please do not make me call you out during worship service! L

Let’s remember that ministry is a great blessing and privilege!

Your pastor,


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