Do You Know Ji Hye Park Violinist?

Sometimes people ask why SBC does not have music revival.  Churches of this size normally have professional musicians and regularly host music revival with songs, music, worship and testimony.  That is why they ask this question.  We often receive such requests, but we normally decline.

Such events will be presented during Wednesday worship time.  Since we have relatively small congregation for Wednesday worship and do not have that many music fans who are eager to come for such event, we need to request SBC family to come to church for such event.  However, SBC family are quite busy with house church meeting and Sunday worship.  If they take bible study or work in a ministry, they may ended up coming to church 3 to 4 times a week.  For this reason, we have principle of not requesting their presence unless it is related to evangelism.

Nevertheless, I want to introduce a very good program which can be an exception to our principle.  It is a concert of Ji hye Park, violinist, at SBC from March 18 through 20 for 3 days.  Ji hye Park was born in Germany, studied in graduate school of Indiana state University with a full scholarship provided by German government.  She was the winner of numerous music competitions and enjoys worldwide fame.  She was honored as a “ZIRP Fellow” (the abbreviation of the Cutures-initiative of Rheinland-Pfalz`s culture in Germany).  She plays a rare violin known as the Petrus Guarnerius1735, Venedig which was manufactured in the year of 1735 and known as one of the national treasures of Germany.  This is loaned free to her by the German Foundation (Deutsche-Stiftung-Musikleben) since 2003.

Her music is great but she also has incredible personal testimony of overcoming depression by her encounter of God.  Houston alliance of churches invited her for a time of worship and revival and SBC is rendering help by providing a location.  It was wonderful to hear that Houston alliance of churches invited layman rather than a pastor for a special revival event to better connect with VIPs so we joined with great joy.  It is not easy to invite her but while she is in Las Vegas, someone must have convinced her through a special connection.  The performance will be on 7:30 pm on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, it will be 5:00 pm.

All the churches in Houston as well as leaders in Korean community are invited so big crowd is expected.  We can use this opportunity as a chance to invite VIP.  However, since it is a concert, there is no babysitting offered and children are not allowed.  Since it is not an event of SBC, babysitting is not possible.  Therefore, house churches with children are advised to make arrangement for them to join this official church function.  It would be good to help VIP to participate in this event and based on your situation, whoever can join are welcome to come and enjoy.

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