Your Gaze Should Be Heavenward

Many people suffer from depression, some occasionally and others frequently. What is the cure for depression? There is no simple answer because the causes vary.

However, there is one sure cure: gazing heavenward. When you’re depressed, what are you occupied with? Probably yourself and your own circumstances. God created human beings to love, which means that our interest should be directed toward God and other people, not ourselves. We get depressed when our gaze is focused inwards, because it’s against God’s design. God also made us to live in the heavenly realms, and when we live completely worldly lives, depression sets in. If we want to be free from depression, our gaze must be heavenward.

Gazing heavenward means looking at things from God’s perspective. This requires regular devotion times. When we regularly read the Bible and pray, seeing things from God’s point of view becomes a habit.

Gazing heavenward means focusing on others instead of ourselves. One way to do this is to engage in intercessory prayer. The more we pray about our own depression, the more we get depressed. We must shift our focus to others and pray for them, especially for missionaries and the unsaved.

Gazing heavenward means doing God’s work. Some people may argue that depressed people lack the energy to serve. But we serve not because we are already charged with energy, but because we become charged when we serve God. It is the same spiritual principle that underlines the fact that the best way to overcome your wavering faith is to witness to others.

God made human beings in His image. Because He is a spiritual being, so are we. Problems occur when we neglect our spiritual side and live purely earthly lives and when we love only ourselves, forgetting that we are made to love others.

The power to overcome depression must ultimately come from God. So we must pray to God and ask for His help. He won’t ignore your cries and will certainly respond. When God reveals something you can do, no matter how small it may seem, do it right away. As you continue to do small things that you’re capable of doing in the moment, you will slowly come out of your depression.

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