You Are Not A Man!

The other day I watched a special report on the paparazzi. The paparazzi take pictures or videos of celebrities to sell to magazines or TV stations, employing every means possible, including using long range telescopes to capture celebrities’ secret moments. They have no problems intruding on their privacy because their pictures and videos can fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Naturally, the stalked celebrities get upset and sometimes angry. But the paparazzi aren’t even bothered by that; pictures of angry celebrities bring in more money.

In one scene, a female celeb asked – almost begged – the paparazzi camped on the front lawn of her house to respect her and her children’s privacy. They didn’t budge. Eventually, she exploded and screamed at one of them: “You are not a man!” Instead of being embarrassed, the paparazzi stuck their camcorders in her face to record her angry words.

What can make them impervious to a statement like “You are not a man”, something that would make a normal person blush? Greed. The love of money makes them insensitive to shame, humiliation, and any loss of pride. This is a picture of a modern people who have made money their god.

A while ago, I watched “The Queen”, a movie that revolves around the events surrounding Princess Diana’s tragic death. The car she and her companion were in crashed as they tried to escape the pursuit of hounding paparazzi.

Some polls list Princess Diana as one of the most respected female celebrities. I don’t understand that. In my opinion, she should be pitied, not respected.

She was betrayed by everyone she ever loved. Most of the men she had affairs with published memoirs detailing their relationships with Diana. Although they were illicit affairs, there must have been some love between them. I don’t understand how they can make their private moments together public simply for the sake of money. I feel sorry for Princess Diana. Loyalty and chivalry seem to be things of the past. Today, only money matters.

I may be old-fashioned, but I admire chivalry. I admire men who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a woman they love. I hope that all Christian men become knights in shining armor who protect and cherish the women they love to death.

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