Why Me?

God answered your prayers! In recent tests, my wife’s ovarian cancer biomarker CA-125 dropped to normal levels. As you know, her cancer recently recurred after 13 years of remission. Blood tests showed that her CA-125 count had shot up to 100. The only option left was to to return to chemotherapy. But blood tests taken before her first scheduled treatment showed a dramatic decrease in her CA-125 count – to 50 – for no apparent reason. The doctor thought there must have been some error and ordered another blood test. This result showed a lower count: 47.

Since there was no longer an urgent need for treatment, her doctor postponed chemo for 4 weeks so my wife could lead a class at the House Church Conference for Pastors. Last Tuesday, she went back to M.D. Anderson to start her postponed treatment. But the blood test taken the day before showed an even lower CA-125 count: 33 (up to 35 is considered normal). She wasn’t undergoing any treatment nor was she taking any drugs. The only conclusion is that God answered the prayers offered by so many of you who read about the recurrence of her cancer in my Pastor’s Corner and started praying.

My wife is the person most surprised by this. She’s read about these kinds of miracles but can’t believe it’s happening to her.

Her biggest concern wasn’t for her own health, but that many people who were praying for her might be disappointed if her health didn’t improve. So she was understandably anxious on the day of her blood test. I wasn’t, because I had confidence in God; I felt that God would not ignore the earnest prayers of so many people offered on behalf of my wife. If she still needed chemotherapy, there must be some good reason. I was thankful enough that He even allowed us 4 weeks of health and freedom to travel.

Some people don’t speak openly when they’re healed through prayer because they’re afraid that it will recur. If that happens, they’d be seen as having told a lie. But recurrence doesn’t nullify the fact of God’s healing. The New Testament tells of how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. But Lazarus still died eventually. His eventual death doesn’t nullify the fact that Jesus raised him from death. In the end, all physical healing is only temporary, because all human beings eventually die. Death and resurrection is the only permanent cure for sickness.

Why are some people healed through prayer and others not? I don’t know. But I do know that my wife’s healing was entirely according to the grace of God, not because of our exceptional faith.

How long will my wife remain healthy? Several years? Several months? I don’t know. But I do know that He granted us a miracle because there’s something He wants us to do. All we have to do is do our utmost to love God and serve people for as long as He allows us to be healthy.

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