We Shouldn’t Complain

On Thursdays, my day off, I usually relax by watching a DVD. I prefer movies that make me think about life over comedies or action movies. When I watch these movies, I cannot help but feel that we take many blessings for granted.

Sometimes I watch movies with characters who struggle to overcome their addictions to alcohol or drugs. Their main goal in life is to conquer their addictions. I am reminded that most of us don’t suffer from addictions, but we don’t feel blessed.

Sometimes I watch court dramas where the protagonists are falsely accused – betrayed by false witnesses or corrupt judges and wrongly sentenced to prison. Their only goal in life is to prove their innocence. Most of us are not falsely accused, but we don’t feel blessed.

In war movies, soldiers and civilians fight for their survival. Refugees worry about where to sleep and what to eat, concerned that their shelter might be hit by bombs or visited by enemy solders any minute. Their only wish is to have a safe home with their families where they can eat together and sleep in peace. Most of us have comfortable homes and plenty to eat, but we don’t feel blessed.

In biographies of physically handicapped people, their sole goal in life is to overcome their physical limitations. They strive to see, talk, hear, or walk. Most of us are not physically handicapped, but we don’t feel blessed.

Many people battle cancers. They are shocked when their diagnoses turn out to be cancer, and worry that they may not be cured. They are disappointed when their cancers recur after remission. They use up all their savings to become cancer-free. Most of us do not have cancer, but we don’t feel blessed.

Many people in the world dream of being where we already are physically and financially. But we are not happy because we take all the blessings we have for granted. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves when we complain about small things in life when we are already blessed with so much.

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