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For the past several years, our church had not initiated a specific church-wide giving program for the Christmas Season, but have encouraged every individual to ask themselves “Who is my Jesus?” and seek out their own neighbors in need. It will be the same this year. For those of you who are new to our church, this was inspired by a story our Children’s Pastor Hyung Soon Seo told in a sermon a few years ago: A shoemaker who longed to meet Jesus dreamed one night that Jesus came and said to him, “I will come to you today.” Although the shoemaker prepared hot tea and bread and waited for Him, Jesus did not come. Instead, a beggar came to him, so he served the beggar the tea and the bread. Similar things took place during the next few days. After Christmas, the shoemaker prayed to Jesus, sighing, “Lord, You did not come after all.” But Jesus replied, “Yes, I did come. The people you served, they were me.”

There must be a Jesus around us who we are to assist — to whom you alone must give a helping hand and who God will allow to recognize. Look carefully around you for that person. He or she could be a member of our congregation or a homeless person on the street. It’s easy to donate to a cause, but it’s not so easy to find a person to serve on our own. I hope that you will consider this an opportunity to practice hearing God’s will and participate with eagerness. I am sure that you will experience a double blessing this winter by carrying out His will.

There is one more announcement. Last August, Pastor Chai participated in a geological survey trip organized by the Creation Science Association. He enjoyed it immensely, and we’ve asked Dr. Lee to provide an exclusive opportunity for our congregation. This trip will be available next year for 4 days from April 9-12 (Mon-Thu). From Las Vegas, we will pass through the Mohave Desert, Sedona, the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, a nearby dam, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and see the remnants of Genesis’s creation narratives. According to those who have been on this trip, aside from the very informative lectures and movies, the accommodations and food are also excellent. Most of all, this will allow you to view scenic areas of the Grand Canyon that you would not be able to see on your own. The cost is also affordable, and children over 5 may come at a discounted price.

It will also be a very good opportunity for those of you who have doubts about the book of Genesis. I also recommend this as a meaningful family trip for families here on a research study program. The trip is limited to 40-50 people, so please think about it beforehand and participate when registration starts early next year.

Soo Kwan Lee

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