Travel Ends, Treatment Begins

I just came back from a month-long trip to Korea. I spoke at a House Church Conference for Pastors, led two seminars, one for pastors and one for lay people, and also led 2 revival meetings.

This conference broke the attendance record as 480 people registered for it, and many more would have attended if hotel rooms were available. I’m not sure whether the high interest is only temporary, but we decided to hold two conferences simultaneously next year to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

My wife led the Married Life class for the last time at this conference. This class requires both husbands and wives to attend, so the number of people taking the class had been low because most pastors wanted to go to other classes even when their wives were interested. But this time, more than 60 took the class. Many of them attended because they heard that it would be the last time my wife led it.

As most of you probably know, a few months ago her bioindicator for ovarian cancer, CA-125, shot up over 100. But when I posted the news on our church’s website, people started praying all over the world. Inexplicably, the number decreased back to a normal level in the 30s, as God apparently answered our prayers. So her planned treatment was canceled.

But the CA-125 number has been creeping up since then. A CAT scan also revealed that her tumors have slowly been growing. So the doctor prescribed chemotherapy, which we postponed to begin after the conference.

When she received chemotherapy 14 years ago, her treatment schedule was once a month. Each chemo session lasted for 24 hours. This time, she will receive treatment every week, and and each session will take 4 hours.

God gave us a 6-month hiatus so that she could lead several classes. I’m waiting with anticipation and curiosity to see what God will do now.

She needs to spend the entire day at the hospital on the days of treatment because the infusion takes 6 hours. So I’ll be moving my day off from Thursday to Tuesday because it’s the only day her physician is available. I will come to church for morning prayer on Tuesdays and skip it on Thursdays. I stay at church late after Wednesday prayer meetings, and coming to church early again on Thursday mornings will be excessively fatiguing.

Just as God answered your prayers before, He will answer your prayers again this time.

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