Time Change For The Third Worship

The third worship service on Sundays will be moved from 7:30 PM to 2:30 PM in November.

When we started the third worship, we had two purposes in mind. First, we wanted to let young people take charge of worship and lead them according to their own tastes. Second, we wanted to provide a time for people who need to open their businesses at flea markets on weekends to worship, since they had to open their shops on Sunday mornings and couldn’t attend our morning worship services.

The first reason was the main impetus for the third worship service, but the second reason was also important to us. I dress more casually for the third service to help small business owners feel comfortable coming to worship in their work clothes.

We held the third worship service late in the evening so that they could come. Unfortunately only a few have.

The late worship time has turned out to be inconvenient for our young people. The service ends after 9, and it’s 10 by the time they get home. People who help clean up usually get home at 11.

Many people have suggested starting the third worship earlier, but we were hesitant to deprive small shop owners of a time when they could worship. But we’ve decided to go ahead with the time change.

We surveyed people before we made the decision. 70 people were in favor of the time change, and 9 were opposed. Pastor Soo-Kwan Lee personally contacted the 9 who were opposed and 7 of the 9 said that they could come to the third worship service by changing their Sunday work schedules. And the other two said that they would attend the morning worship servies.

Originally, we announced that the new worship time would be 5:30, but we moved it to 2:30. There are a few advantages to having the third worship service earlier, right after the second service. For one, it saves a trip for many young people who serve during the morning worship services so they don’t have to come again in the evening for their own worship. It also saves us the effort of preparing food for people who come to the third worship service since they can get it after the second service, before the third starts.

Because of this change, the times for two monthly church meetings will also change. The Gospel Presentation Meeting will move from 3:00 to 5:30. The monthly general Shepherds meeting will move from 2:20 to 4:45.

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