The Pastor Who Falls Into Sexual Temptations

Our church is reviving and growing. The house church is well established and many people are getting saved. The house churches are constantly multiplying. Many churches do not have the volunteers to lead the house churches but our church is blessed with many willing volunteers.

As the church grows I, as the pastor must become more cautious because it is easier to stumble when things are going well. King David fell into adultery after he conquered the land and his kingdom was well established. There is no guarantee that I will not fall to similar temptations.

All temptations are serious, but sexual sin results in the most serious consequence. The effects are not limited only to himself and his family. It destroys the ministry and leaves shame and deep hurts to all the church members.

Our church has become known and considered a model church by many pastors. Some even consider me as a model pastor. If I were ever to fall into a sexual sin, its damaging affects will not be limited to only our church and myself. It will disappoint the pastors all over the world and could completely terminate the house church movement. So I often say the following prayer, “Lord, if I should ever be in a situation that would bring shame to you and harm your glory, kill me and take me.”

How is it possible for a pastor with strong faith and power fall into sexual sins? One pastor explained it this way. Small devils attack small pastors while big devil attack big pastors. Therefore even the giant pastors find themselves powerless.

Ever since I came to Seoul Baptist church, I’ve never been tempted by an opposite sex. I now know the reason. One of our church members, who was deeply hurt by his previous pastor’s adulterous sin, said to me.

“Pastor, I don’t think you need to worry too much about falling into temptations. Don’t you have 333 prayer partners who pray for you three times daily? My previous pastor did not have the prayer support. After I realized it, I repented that I had not prayed for my previous pastor.”

The reason I can stand is due to your prayers.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to thank the 333 prayer partners, intercessory prayer teams, and all who pray for me personally.

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