The House Church Movement in Spring 2009

Let me share the current status of the house church movement for those who prayed for me during my one-month trip, especially the 333 Prayer partners.

The House Church is spreading from the U.S. to Korea on to other countries. The number of missionaries attending house church seminars has increased dramatically. During my trip, I gave a special talk on the House Church to Korean Baptist missionaries. Their response was enthusiastic. Leaders of the Korean Baptist mission organizations said that they would seriously consider having future missionaries attend house church seminars for pastors and participate in intern programs before they are sent to mission fields.

In Korea, there are far fewer Baptist house churches than house churches of other denominations, to my regret. However, Baptists may be ahead of other denominations in adopting the house church in mission fields.

The house church is also spreading rapidly in Japan, China, and Indonesia, thanks to the house church leaders there. The most effective way to spread the house church in those countries is to support these leaders and their churches and let them lead the house church movement in their respective countries instead of supporting many missionaries individually.

The controversy over the house church at two conservative Presbyterian denominations in Korea ended well, thanks to the pastors of house churches in those denominations. Instead of arguing with critics, they helped them experience the house church to help correct their misunderstanding.

I had felt that before the house church could spread rapidly, it had to be examined and accepted by denominational leaders. I think that we’ve now accomplished that. We’re very near the tipping point where the house church movement will take off.

During my trip I spoke at conferences, led revival meetings and talked at house church seminars. It was interesting to see the members of the host churches so happy despite the fact that hosting seminars involves a lot of work. True happiness must come in serving rather than being served, which Jesus declared to be his mission.

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