The Gospel has the Power to Naturally Flourish – Soo Kwan Lee

One of the wonders of the Gospel lies in its power to naturally flourish. We often hear that the Gospel is richly sowed in areas where no Christians live. Last summer, I visited Kazakhstan, and my experience with ethnic Dungans was no different. In a Muslim village, a boy began to have doubts about Islamic doctrine. When he questioned the village elders about it, they were not able to give him clear answers. One day, the boy somehow came across a leaflet about Christianity, and the boy again questioned the village elders, this time about Jesus, but the elders ignored him. Later, the boy accepted Jesus with the help of the one-page Gospel. The Gospel that was sowed in his family also converted the boy’s mother and siblings to Christianity. His mother shared Jesus with her sister, and her family also converted to Christianity.

In another Islamic village, a woman suffered from an unknown illness. With no hope for a cure, the woman prayed, “Someone please heal me. Jesus, are you the one who can set me free?” From that day on, the woman continuously prayed to Jesus with an inexplicable faith and she finally got well. She has been sharing Jesus with her family, and her mother and most of her siblings have come to the faith.

Because Dungan society is traditionally Islamic, conversion to Christianity inevitably brings great persecution. Fortunately, they are not killed, but converts are literally ousted and isolated in a society that survives on blood relationships. However, the more difficult the tribulation, the stronger God’s protection. The boy I mentioned and his family were eventually ordered to be exiled. The villagers were ready to expel them if they did not leave by a certain date. But a few days before the deadline, the 7 village elders all had the same dream. They saw a man in white with streaming hair telling them to let the families be. We know He was Jesus, but the village elders interpreted Him as being the mother’s deceased husband. They decided to not oust the families from the village, but just dissociate themselves from them.

When the families were looking for Christians to help them, they somehow got connected with Missionary Jung from Kazakhstan. Missionary Jung planted a church nearby. Since then, they’ve been worshiping together every Sunday and holding house church meetings every Friday evening. God surely expands His kingdom and works in miraculous ways.

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