Suicide Is Not an Option

I was shocked when I heard that former South Korean President Roh committed suicide.

Most Koreans in their 60s have negative opinions of him, but I liked him. I defended him in the past, writing that “he has advanced democracy in South Korea by making national and local elections free of government interference.” “His open government policies dramatically reduced government corruption.” “His common folk attitude helped reduce authoritarianism among high government officials.” “He destroyed instead of building during his tenure, but that was a necessary step for South Korea to modernize and become a world economic power.” “Future historians will judge him as a fairly good president.”

His suicide disappointed me deeply.

Former presidents of South Korea have frequently become targets of investigations for corruption. It’s unfortunate, but a necessary process for South Korea’s political system, which is not yet fully mature.

Like others, former President Roh was under investigation by federal prosecutors for bribery. He might have felt that it was unfair because the amount of money involved was far less than that of other presidents. He might have also felt that the investigation was instigated by the current regime to smear his reputation.

Regardless, he shouldn’t have committed suicide. Suicide is simply not an option for a former president who used to be the country’s commander in chief.

Ending his own life was the most self-centered, selfish thing to do. It’s a betrayal against his family, friends, and those who trust him. No matter how unfairly and wrongly he felt he was treated, he shouldn’t have committed suicide.

For Christians, suicide is not an option. It is an act of defiance against our Creator. It’s rebellion against God, the owner and master of our lives.

Our God can work out for our own good everything that happens to us. He can turn disasters to blessings. Ending our own lives deprives Him of opportunities to work for our benefit.

There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing we cannot challenge, when the God who knows all and can do everything is with us. No matter how desperate circumstances may seem, Christians must never even think about ending their own lives.

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