Starting Third Worship Service

We will be starting a third weekly Sunday worship service, beginning August 17th. It will be held in the evening at 7:45 PM.

This service will be staffed entirely by young singles. So far the young people in our church have only been taken care of. I hope this service gives them an opportunity to serve themselves and become equals with our older members of the church as servants of God.

Brother Soo-Kwan Lee will be in charge of this service. He has a heart and a dream for the lost young adults in Houston. In them, he sees the potential for future leaders. He will be responsible for recruiting workers, designing and leading the worship, and ministering to the people who attend this service. My involvement as a pastor will be limited to preaching.

We are also starting this worship service for those who work at flea markets. I have had a burden for them for a long time. They need to be saved but because they work on Sundays they don’t have a chance to attend a worship service and listen to the word of God. Some churches provide Sunday services for those people, but they’re usually early in the morning. At such an early hour, only the faithful attend, not the non-believers we’re interested in. That’s another reason why we decided to have the service in the evening.

I was told that flea markets usually close at around 6 in the evening. To give people enough time to close up their stores, we decided to have the service as late as possible. Also, I want them to feel free to come to church directly from work, just as they are. So all the worship leaders, myself included, will wear casual clothes to help them feel comfortable.

With this new service, some of our young adults may no longer be able to serve in the morning services and ministry team leaders may have to find replacements. I hope they can view it not as losing young volunteers, but gaining new ones with more maturity.

Please spread the word about this service to your non-Christian friends. This service can help our older members as well. For example, if a child is sick, one spouse can attend the morning service and the other the evening service, taking turns caring for the sick child at home This way the child can stay home and rest, and not spread germs to other children.

And also, since the focus is on young adult singles, there will be no Sunday school or babysitting provided for the new service.

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