Staff Movement

Mrs. Seo, our children’s pastor, came to Seoul Baptist in 1994, one year after me. We have worked together for the last 12 years. The time has come where she wants to retire in April next year. She hasn’t yet reached retirement age, but she wants to go out as a missionary before she gets older.

Her co-worker in the children’s department, Pastor Lim, will also be leaving Seoul Baptist. He will be going to the Korean First Baptist Church of San Jose, the church I served at before coming to Houston, where he will be in charge of the children’s department. Right now he is in a difficult situation because they want him to start in June, but I asked him to stay until August.

When Mrs. Seo leaves, Pastor Paul Lee, the current youth pastor, will take charge of the children’s department. He has a heart for children and knows our church well. I feel fortunate that Pastor Paul, who has a proven record for his ability and leadership, will be the one taking over the children’s department. It will be hard to find someone with his qualifications.

Pastor Paul will be responsible for the elementary children’s department. We need to find someone to oversee infants and preschoolers. We’re looking for someone who will commit their entire life to children’s ministry, not someone who sees children’s ministry as a stepping stone to other ministries. The new children’s pastor will receive the same salary as our other staff members, as is our usual practice. We want to give the children’s pastor enough salary so that he or she doesn’t need to worry about finances and can concentrate on ministry.

We also need to seek a new youth pastor, since Pastor Paul will be vacating that position to take over the children’s department. Pastor Eric will find someone to fill that position. The new youth pastor will report directly to Pastor Eric, just like Pastor Jaemo. Currently, the youth pastor reports to both me and Eric. As a result, he sometimes faces problems when Eric and I have different opinions on certain issues. To avoid this, the new youth pastor will work solely through Pastor Eric.

I am a little concerned that Mrs. Seo’s retirement will have a domino effect on all the departments concerned. I entreat lay workers to continue to serve in the same functions even more faithfully if that is possible. It takes time for lay workers to get used to the leadership style of new pastors. I want them to give the new pastors at least a year before they decide to minister elsewhere. I believe that they have committed themselves to the ministry of God, not to particular pastors. So I am convinced that they will be as faithful as they have been.

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