Reopening of the Share Room

Our “Share Room” has been closed due to remodeling, but it’s now open again. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what the Share Room is about.

It is not like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, where you donate things you don’t need anymore. The Share Room is meant to be a communal storage room where you keep things to be shared with others. In principle, you should return things to the Share Room once you’ve finished using them. It’s like a family closet or garage where family members keep things in common.

Apparently many people did not understand this concept in the past, as they brought items that were broken or in need of repair.

What items are appropriate for the Share Room? Bring things that you want to keep for yourselves, not things you want to throw away. We welcome baby items such as playpens, walkers, and carseats. We also welcome electronics, kitchenware, small tools, and office supplies.

When you receive as gifts things you own already, please keep and use the new items and bring in the old ones to the Share Room.

According to ministry team members, nearly all the clothes that were donated to the Share Room were thrown away last year. There were huge clothes donations made when the seasons changed but not enough storage space. Even if there was room, I think they should have been thrown away. The Share Room is like a family closet; they should have brought clothes that were in season, not out of season.

The new Share Room is smaller than the old one. So adult clothes will not be accepted in the future. If you have adult clothes you want to donate, clean them and donate them to mission teams during their clothes’ drives. Only clothes for children under 5 years will be accepted. No underwear of any kind will be accepted. Please wash, iron, and fold clothes neatly so that they are ready for display. As with clothes, only children’s shoes will be accepted, and they should also be washed when donated. Since the Share Room is like a family storage room, it is proper and right to do this before donating.

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