Raising Truly Successful Children

I’d like to recommend a book: “Serving Parents Raise Truly Successful Children”. The author, Hye-Sung Jun, has raised truly successful children. One of her sons graduated from Yale and is now Assistant Dean in the Graduate School of Public Health. Another received a Doctorate in Law from Harvard and is Dean of the Yale Law School and a University chair. Her daughter also received an LLD degree from Harvard Law and also holds a University chair at Yale. It’s first the time in the history of Yale that a brother and a sister have held University chairs at the same time.

Many parents assume that if their children are admitted to a prestigious college, they will be successful.

The author disagrees. Unless parents raise their children with a clear purpose, attending prestigious schools will not guarantee their children a successful life. Her goal in raising her children was to help them become true leaders. And she believes that true leaders are those who help others. So she trained her children to value character over success. Her children went to prestigious schools not to brag about their academic accomplishments but to become better trained in how to become servants for others.

Some parents, especially mothers, think that giving up their own lives for their children is noble. She disagrees. She believes that in order to guide their children better, parents must live a life that they can call their own and must continually improve themselves.

Many Korean mothers come to the U.S. to provide a better education for their children while their husbands stay in Korea. She is critical of this practice. Their children may receive better a better formal education, but it deprives them of true education, which requires that both parents be at home. If it is absolutely necessary for parents to live apart, fathers must be remain involved in their children’s education by talking to them on the phone or some other form of communication.

She is a devout Christian and the most of her education principles are based on the Bible. They are similar to principles we teach in our parenting classes at Seoul Baptist because both are grounded in Scripture. Her book is being considered for use as a supplementary material in our classes.

If the title of the book is true, our shepherds and their spouses are well qualified to be good parents because they already live lives of service. If they demonstrate and explain what a life of service looks like and help their children learn to live the same kind of life, they will become successful parents who raise truly successful children.

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