Looking Forward to Three Strand Prayer Meetings

The greatly anticipated Three Strand Prayer Meetings (TSPM) begin on Wednesday, August 26. It will be accompanied by 10 days of fasting. This is a partial fast, where participants refrain from eating after 5 PM until breakfast the next morning. Fasting will start a day before the first prayer meeting.

During the 10 days of TSPM dinner will not be served at any church events, with the exception of the New Life class on Tuesday, since attendees are mostly non-Christians and few are participating in TSPM. I don’t want to force them to fast. But people are encouraged to fast on that day if they wish. Dinner is also acceptable Saturday, August 28, since there is no TSPM the next morning. If people want to get together for dinner, Saturday is a good time to do it.

The prayer meetings will begin at 5:15 AM. Previous 10 Day special prayer meetings have begun at 5:30, but this time we will meet 15 minutes earlier, using 10 minutes for TSPM. During this time, TSPM partners will hold hands and pray for each other. Afterwards they will pray individually. The sanctuary will be open at 4:30 AM. If people have to go to work right after the Three Strand Prayer they can come earlier and pray before the prayer service starts.

For TSPM I encourage you to select only one prayer request and focus on it. This request can be anything, but it will be more fun if it’s something that can be answered during TSPM.

Those who have not been able to find prayer partners should come to the Visitors Office after the first or second Sunday worship service. One of our deacons will help you find partners there. No one should pray alone in the morning. I would like prayer partners to elect a leader and have that person submit the names and prayer requests of the team to me. Prayer partners are required to call each other once a day for encouragement and pray for each other for 10 minutes before going to bed.

You will be very busy for the next 10 days. Some of you may feel like your entire life revolves around TSPM. But I think that it will be good for your spiritual health, just like periodic intense physical exercise is good for body.

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