Jesus Is Smart

Many people don’t think of Jesus as smart. They accept him as their Savior or that he’s the son of God, but not as a smart man who can help us as people living in the 21st century.

Jesus is the creator of all things, visible and invisible. He created our universe and every human being on earth. Just like a car’s designer knows everything about it, Jesus knows everything about the natural world and human affairs. Scientists learn bit by bit about the principles that govern nature, but he has known every natural law from the beginning because they come from him. He is the authority in physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. He knows nuclear physics and genetics. He is the master of economics and psychology. He is good not only at science but also at art, like painting, music, and literature, because all beauty comes from him (Col. 1:16-17).

He didn’t discuss these matters when he was on earth because the people of his time wouldn’t have been able to understand him; it would be like teaching graduate courses to elementary school kids. But he showed how smart he was when he entered Jerusalem and was confronted by Sadducees and Pharisees, the most intelligent people of his time. His arguments were so logical that they couldn’t argue back.

Unless you are convinced that Jesus is smart, you can’t trust him. Unless you believe that he has understanding about things that are happening today, you won’t seek his advice because you would fear that following it won’t work.

Jesus is not only smart but also very personal. He showed compassion for the poor and boldly opposed the rich who oppressed them. He loved Judas, fully knowing that he would betray him. He was brave enough to choose death on the cross but humane enough to be afraid before he was arrested.

In his Gospel, the Apostle John writes about a wedding Jesus attended with his mother. When the wine ran out, she asked him to do something about it. Jesus initially refused, saying that his time had not yet come. But he eventually granted her request, turning water into wine.

Why did he refuse first but comply later? Bible scholars offer many theological reasons. But I think the answer is simple: he was a good son. He loved his mother, so he couldn’t ignore her request. He was a man of principle but was flexible enough to accommodate the wishes of those he loved.

I admire him for that!

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