I Fell in Love

People frequently fall in love for trivial reasons. I know a man who fell in love with a woman because of her dimples. I know a woman who fell in love with a man because she liked the way he held an umbrella for her so that she wouldn’t get wet.

I fell in love with two people recently for similarly trifling reasons.

The first is Gary Kubiak, head coach of the Houston Texans. When he took the job, the Texans were the worst team in their division. In four years, he’s made the team a playoff contender.

His contract expires this year. Acknowledging his contributions, the team owner gave him a 3-year contract extension. He was actually offered a more lucrative 4-year extension, but he refused it. He said that if he received a 4-year extension when his assistants were only offered 3 years, it might dampen the feeling that they’re in the same boat.

That last statement made me fall in love with him. When big money is involved, people change. They become greedy. Him putting team spirit above monetary gain impressed me. I hope and expect that the Texans will win a Super Bowl under his leadership.

The other person with whom I fell in love is President Obama. One of his campaign promises involved health care reform. His health care bill passed in both the House and the Senate, but many battles are expected before it becomes law. Final passage of the bill in its current form is in doubt after the State of Massachusetts elected a Republican senator to replace the seat vacated by the late Democrat Senator Edward Kennedy. If President Obama tries to force the bill through Congress, he will make many enemies and lose popularity, potentially jeopardizing his chances for re-election. But he declared that, despite the opposition, he will work hard for the passage of the bill even if it means serving only one term.

This statement made me fall in love with him. Almost every President wants to serve two terms. To do so, they bend their principles and make a lot of compromises. But Obama is willing to sacrifice a second term if it’s necessary to be faithful to his promise. I like that. I generally vote for Republicans. But I’ve decided that as long as Obama is President, I will vote for Democratic congressional candidates simply to help Obama.

I like men of principle, men who are willing to make sacrifices for their convictions. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with Jesus.

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