How To Find One’s Hidden Sins

In our staff meetings we discuss a book, one chapter each week, chosen in turns by every staff member. One book we studied recently was “Spiritual Leadership” by Oswald Sanders.

Near the end of the book the author discusses possible hidden sins in leaders. These sins are very destructive because leaders are not aware of them and do not even realize that they are committing sins. It’s only after much damage has been done to themselves or others that they become aware.

Some of these sins are pride, jealousy, and self-centeredness. These sins are hard to recognize and get rid of. Their effects are more potent because they are committed unawares. How do we detect these sins and avoid committing them? There are a few simple but effective things we can do.

For pride: Notice how you feel when someone else gets a position you think you deserve or are appointed to a ministry you think you would be able to do better. If you get angry and feel that you are being treated unfairly, it’s probably a sign that you are committing the sin of pride. Also notice how you react when someone points out weaknesses in you that you yourself freely admit before God. If you deny them, try to justify them, or counter your critic with attacks in return, it is probably a sign that you are proud.

For jealousy: Notice how you react when someone proposes to do certain things. If you tend to be suspicious of that person’s motives, it is probably a sign that you are a jealous person. When someone asks for your cooperation and you tend to react by finding excuses to not do it, it may also be a sign that you are jealous.

For self-centeredness: If someone praises another person and you tend to say something derogative about the person being praised or have a habit of redirecting the conversation or cutting the praise short, you are probably self-centered.

Make use of these simple methods for detecting hidden sins and avoid them so that you do not destroy ourselves and others.

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