Hosting Guest Speakers

Jesus said that when we serve righteous men, we will receive a righteous man’s reward in heaven, and when we serve prophets, we will receive a prophet’s reward (Mark 10:41). When we serve God’s servants, we are granted the privilege of sharing their rewards.

When we have guest speakers, we ask our church members to sign up to host them so that this privilege can be shared by as many people as possible. We post two signup sheets on the bulletin board, one for each worship service. And we don’t allow people to host a guest more than once every 3 years.

Let me share our policies regarding hosting guest speakers.

When you sign up to host a guest speaker, your purpose should be to serve him, not to be served. You shouldn’t offer to host so that you can receive counseling or prayer. We don’t want to tire our guests with such requests.

There is space on the signup sheet to list the reason for wanting to host. When many people want to host the speaker, we choose based on the listed reason. People who know the speaker personally have a better chance of being selected.

For their meals, you can either cook for them or take them out to eat; either is fine as long as you serve food they enjoy. You are representing our church when you host them. So do your best to make them feel that they’re the most important person to our church and congregation.

Ask them their food preferences so you know what to avoid. When you take them out to eat, ask them what they’ve eaten recently and go where they serve something different.

The host is responsible for picking up the guest at his hotel and taking him to his next destination after the meal. Make sure that he’s not late for his speaking engagement.

You can invite friends to eat, but keep in mind that if too many come, it’s impossible to talk personally.

If you want the pastoral staff to join you, it’s best if you invite Pastor and Mrs. Lee for dinner, and me and my wife for lunch.

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