I just came back home after a 6-week-long trip. I visited Korea, China, Canada and cities around the U.S, speaking at seminars, conferences, and revivals. It was very tiring but fruitful. Here is a short report for those who prayed for my trip.

The first house church seminar for pastors in China will be held next year. It will use the same format and the same lectures as the seminars in the U.S, except in Chinese. We’ve so far offered seminars in the U.S. and Korea. Now it’s spreading to the rest of the world. One will be held in Japan this year and another in China the year after.

The title of “Regional Director” for the house church was changed to “Regional Shepherd.” The role will change as well, so that they are not just cell leaders but shepherds. Previously, their duties involved holding regular meetings and having fellowship. From this point forward, they will also encourage pastors of traditional churches in their areas to attend a house church seminar, guide pastors who are preparing to convert to the house church, and advise pastors who have already implemented the house church.

We also had a historic meeting between Regional Shepherds in the U.S. and Korea in Vancouver. We shared our thoughts on the future of the house church and discussed ways to improve regional meetings. The heart of house church ministry is personal relationship. So the leaders from the two countries spent time traveling and enjoying fellowship with each other. Regional Shepherds in the U.S. and Korea will take turns sponsoring these meetings.

Bright and faithful pastors continue to join the house church movement. Many of them already have successful ministries. I recently asked one of them why he wanted to convert to the house church. He said, “My ministry may be successful, but it cannot be a model for others – it is uniquely mine. I also miss fellowship with other like-minded pastors.” I wonder what kind of ministers they will become and what kind of churches they will serve in 10 years. I can hardly wait!

We still need your prayers for churches that belong to Presbyterian denominations. Their pastors like the house church but denominational leaders and seminary professors still suspect that it is somehow contrary to their Presbyterian traditions. I would like you to pray that, even if they don’t accept the house church, that they at least don’t oppose it.

I would also like to thank our church members for not complaining about my long absence, instead being faithful in praying for me. If the house church becomes a model for 21st century churches, our church members deserve much credit.

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