Home Pages For House Churches

For a while now, we have been making announcements offering help for house churches to make their own web pages. However, many house church members still don’t know what they are and what advantages they offer. Let me take some time to explain that here.

House church web pages look just like the Seoul Baptist home page, only smaller in scope. As on the Seoul Baptist page, house church members can post messages on their house church site. They may be hesitant to post something trivial on the Seoul Baptist website since people all over the world read it. They may feel more free to exchange information, crack jokes, or instant-message on their own house church websites.

House church members can also have their own “family” albums where they post individual or group pictures. They can pray for each other by posting prayer requests in a private area only accessible by house church members with a password.

You don’t need to be an expert to maintain a house church website. With training provided by Seoul Baptist, non-experts can maintain and even design their own home pages. Next month our IT ministry team will hold a contest for the most beautiful house church webpage design. The name of the winning house church, with pictures of its members, will appear on the front page of the Seoul Baptist website for a week, with a direct link to their site. I hope that many house churches participate in the contest to earn bragging rights and help other house churches improve their own site design.

The Seoul Baptist website has also been freshly redesigned. You may have noticed that it is aesthetically better than the old one. It has new functionality as well. For example, you can now type the entire Bible on the site. You choose any chapter from any book and start typing. It keeps record of how many verses you have typed, and only proceeds to the next verse when what you have typed matches the verse you’re copying. You end up reading the Bible verses more carefully and improving your typing skills at the same time.

Your name and the number of verses you have typed are saved. You can make a friendly competition out of it by comparing how many verses you have typed with other people’s totals, either cumulative or on a given day.

Other useful features include a Bible word search function and the ability to find and listen to your favorite hymns and gospel songs on the Web.

The new website is available free of charge for churches that have implemented house churches. The newly developed web-based church management software program “HouseChurch-360” is also installed for free. House Church Ministries International is able to provide these two services for free this year thanks to the financial contributions of many churches.

Our church, as the flagship of the spreading house church movement, alpha tests and debugs whatever new system or programs are developed. Many dedicated brothers and sisters sacrificially offered their expertise and time. If their time contributed were converted into dollars, the amount would be astronomical. I am confident that God remembers their work and sacrifice.

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