Get Help From Your Missionaries

When Missionary Kim (whom the Thailand house church supports) visited our church, I joked to him, “I hope you are praying for us at least once a month.”

“Once a month?” he said. “No. Every day.” As if afraid to sound like he was exaggerating, he explained further: “When sending us mission funds, most churches just send us a check. But the Seoul Baptist house church sends us not only money, but also personal letters including members’ prayer requests. I have come to know the house church members intimately, and I cannot help but pray for them every day.”

I think one reason why so many people are saved through our church and why our members say that they are happy with their church life is because the 140 missionaries our house churches support are praying for us. Perhaps not daily, as Missionary Kim does, but at least occasionally.

What makes me proud is the fact that our members seem to know how much our church owes to the missionaries we support. When their missionaries visit Houston, house church members do their best to serve them. Many take days off of work to entertain them. The amount given as a love offering after missionaries’ testimonies on Wednesday nights always exceeds my expectations.

Missionary Song (whom the Vladivostok house church supports) once said, “When visiting some churches, I felt like I was being guarded against. They seemed to think that I was there only to ask for money. After such visits, I regretted going there. But at Seoul Baptist, I was so welcomed and loved that I have been totally refreshed.”

Missionary Jung (whom Mekeo house church supports) said, “A relationship is not healthy if supporting churches always play the role of giver and missionaries always play the role of taker. A healthy relationship must be mutual. Most missionaries want to be givers as well as takers. Receiving prayer requests from Seoul Baptist house church members is a first step towards such a relationship.”

What Missionary Jung said is true. I encourage shepherds to send this Pastor’s Corner to the missionaries they are supporting and ask them to become your spiritual counselor. If they agree, in addition to sending them prayer requests, ask for their advice when your house church members have problems. Because they know you they will be able to give wise and godly advice. When house churches and the missionaries they support pray for each other and help each other, they can be true coworkers in Christ.

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