Free The Gym

I am proud of New Life Fellowship. I feel like a father watching his child grow into beautiful adulthood.

At first, you were completely dependent on the Korean Speaking Congregation (KSC). We paid Pastor Eric’s salary and provided space and facilities. As the English Speaking Congregation (ESC) grew, you pulled more and more of your own weight. You started by supporting half of Pastor Eric’s salary. You continued by volunteering to take care of 3 “G”s for the church: gardening, grass and garbage. When Pastor Paul was hired as Youth Group Pastor, you took responsibility for half of his salary as well. Now you’ve hired your own pastor, Jaemo.

The ESC is now a full grown adult. As if to prove it, you’ve started a significant building project. As I’ve watched how you work, mostly through Pastor Eric, I’ve been impressed by your thoroughness and professionalism.

The reason I’m writing this corner is that I want to ask you to finish the building project by no later than the end of next year and move out of the gym by that time. The sooner, the better.

Let me explain the situation. As you know, our youth and children’s departments are growing. They need space for class activities and recreation, but since the ESC uses the gym for worship service on Sunday, it’s not available. These departments’ need for space has reached a critical point. Obviously, our gym was built for sports and recreation, not for worship. While we have been happy to temporarily lend the use of the gym for worship services, this is not the use for which it was intended. We have reached a point where we need to reclaim the gym for its rightful purpose. We need the gym back!

We don’t want to push you. But we need to be mindful of the entire church’s needs, and one and a half years is sufficient time for the ESC to finish the building.

As you know, the ESC and the KSC are one church, organized by language. I am confident that you consider the youth and children of the KSC your own younger brothers and sisters. I am also confident that you will do your best to finish the building project as soon as possible for their sake, as well as the needs of the entire church.

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