Don’t Allow Room For Evil Spirits

One of our church members was having nightmares every night. She frequently woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. She came forward for prayer during Sunday worship, but it did not help. But when she stopped to think about when her nightmares began, she realized that they started right after she accompanied a friend (at her urging) to see a well-known Korean fortuneteller. Seeing the source of her problem, she confessed to God her sin of seeing the fortuneteller. That same night, she was freed from her nightmares.

Let me share another story. One time, when I was serving at a church in San Jose, a mother brought her daughter to me, claiming that she was possessed by an evil spirit. While the mother explained the situation, the daughter stared at me with a blank look and sneering smile. Later, the daughter confessed that she had been under severe stress due to her sinking business and that when she saw a sign for an Italian palm reader, she felt compelled to enter her house. Her story had a happy ending; through prayer and the New Life Bible Study, she was restored to normal.

Some people, including Christians, take things like palm reading and fortunetelling lightly. They don’t realize that these things can open the door for evil spirits to enter their lives. When people become Christians, we ask them to destroy all idols or talismans in their possession because they can provide excuses for evil spirits to not leave and continue to exercise influence over them.

In Korea, fortunetelling is flourishing. Every department store has several booths for fortunetelling. There are over ten times more fortunetellers than Christian pastors. These fortunetellers aren’t strange looking gypsy types. Male fortunetellers are well-groomed and handsome; female ones are well-dressed and attractive. The people who visit them are also young, intelligent and well educated. They probably visit fortunetellers for fun. They don’t realize that doing so may open a door for evil spirits to enter their lives.

I have warned against yoga, Eastern meditation, and other practices for the same reason. If you look into them deeply, you will find that these practices are based on some sort of religious belief, even though their proponents insist otherwise, and if you look into them deeper you will ultimately find a god. These practices may yield momentary relief and some peace of mind, but it won’t last long. Instead, they may open the door for evil spirits to enter people’s lives and influence them. Trying to get peace of mind through these practices is not only unwise but dangerous.

True peace of mind comes from God. If you are having problems, the wisest thing to do is God for peace through prayer.

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