Common Traits in Successful People

The 5th House Church Conference for Shepherds will be held in July at the Sheraton Hotel. We’re able to host this conference at the luxurious Sheraton because its owner, Brother Kyu-Sik Cho, gave us a deep discount. He is not a member of our church, but he is an enthusiastic supporter of the house church. I feel a little uneasy writing about a specific person in a Pastor’s Corner but I’m going to write about him anyway.

His primary business is a janitorial company, of which he’s the president. He started it 20 years ago in New Orleans, where his first customer was a local Hyatt. The manager was so satisfied with his service that he recommended him to other Hyatt hotels. His business eventually expanded to 20 cities and the company now has an annual revenue of $20 million.

Regardless of their fields, all the successful people I have met have one thing in common: they are men of principle. Like them, Brother Cho has a few core business principles and has been faithful to them.

The main principle he espouses is to focus on service, not price. He continuously finds ways to improve service. He experiments with ways to clean better and faster and has every branch adopt them when they’re proven effective. He makes all prospective employees take a test before he hires them. His company has a standard cleaning manual so that every branch maintains the same high standards of service.

Before he makes a bid on a cleaning contract, he counts the number of rooms in a building and notes the services required, unlike others who simply take a superficial glance before bidding. His thoroughness has convinced potential customers that his service is better and they accepted his bids even when his price was higher than others’.

Even now, after becoming the president of a hotel, he visits every branch and meets with major customers across the country once a year to make sure that they are maintaining a high level of service. When he finds that service is lacking in certain areas, he corrects it even before customers complain. When customers do complain, he doesn’t get upset but uses the occasion to find ways to improve. He refuses to give or receive any form of bribery and gives his employees a good living wage.

God gave us laws and principles to live by. When we try to make quick money or compromise these principles, success doesn’t last. When we are faithful to these principles, even if we experience temporary setbacks, we will be able to enjoy real success along with spiritual blessings.

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