Casting Out Evil Spirits

When I think that a church member is suffering from a spiritual attack, I ask them into to my office and cast evil spirits out of them.

There are various ways to cast out evil spirits. In South America, where evil spirits are very active in people’s lives, it’s usually confrontational. Ministry leaders challenge evil spirits and command them to leave in a worship environment. Possessed people often shriek, shake their bodies, or faint when evil spirits leave.

My personal method is not dramatic. I guide people who are under the influence of evil spirits and help them to cast out demons by their own power. I don’t talk to demons and forbid them to hurt the counselees, make them violent, or interrupt the session.

My goal is to find out when and why evil spirits enter these people, remove the grounds for them residing there, and seal the entrance so that they cannot return. I ask many questions about their family relationships and childhood trauma, including sexual abuse. While I ask questions, I silently pray for the Holy Spirit to help me find the cause for their conditions.

When I find the incident that I believe opened the door for evil spirits to enter, I ask counselees to offer forgiveness to the people who were involved in the incident. To make it easier, I tell the counselees to pretend that the involved parties are standing in front of them, and have them explain their hurt, anger, or disappointment to them. I ask them to end their remarks with something like “Yet I forgive you for all your wrongdoings because God forgave me.” Then I ask the counselees to offer a prayer of repentance to God for their wrong responses to the wrongdoing they suffered from. Then I simply command any evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. Usually, they do. Evil spirits no longer have any justification for remaining in the counselees and must submit to Jesus’ authority.

Casting out demons is not something to be treated casually. It’s exhausting. And it takes courage on the counselees’ part because they must reveal their deep secrets.

Jesus cast out armies of demons with a simple command, but I don’t have such authority. So I limit my ministry to those with the following conditions: 1 – They have accepted or are willing to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and the Lord. 2 – They believe in evil spirits and admit that their problems are caused by them. 3 – They have a strong desire to be freed from the influence of evil spirits. 4 – They are willing to answer all my questions as truthfully as possible.

When you live a Spirit-filled life, evil spirits cannot enter you. Even if they had entered you, they’re driven out, sometimes without you knowing it. Forgiveness and repentance are the two most powerful weapons against evil spirits. Constantly cleansing yourselves with these two weapons forces evil spirits to either leave or stay away. Forgiveness and repentance remove residues of our sins and make evil spirits leave, just like taking the trash out from the kitchen gets rid of roaches. Do this regularly, and you won’t need special sessions to cast out demons from your lives.

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