Bright and Cheerful Church – Soo Kwan Lee

We held a Church family meeting last Wednesday and approved the fiscal year 2007 ministry volunteer list. The total number of names on the list was 560. The Sunday worship attendance of the Korean Speaking Congregation is about 1,000, so this represents 56% of the total. Moreover, we estimate the total to be closer to 60% of the congregation if we include non-voting members not accounted for in the list. These people will serve in various areas during this fiscal year.

It’s more amazing when we count those serving in the house churches. All of our 150 existing house churches are required to have a Shepherd, a Shepherdess, a Bible study instructor, a praise leader, and a Missions leader. So approximately 750 people are currently serving in one of these roles. In addition, if we assume that each group has at least one of an Assistant Shepherd, Sermon Summarizer, or Fellowship Leader, the number of people serving in some capacity comes out to 900. This means that over 90% of our church attendees are serving the church. Isn’t that wonderful? Considering that involvement in most churches is around 20%-30% of the total congregation size, our church appears to have realized the church where each member forms one body as the Apostle Paul described.

On another subject, this semester’s Life series Bible study classes began last Monday. 169 people have registered for the following classes: New Life (48), New Life II (70), Spiritual Discipline Life (35), Biblical Couple’s Life (6), Teacher’s Life (18), and Biblical Financial Management Life (10). The number of people taking classes is encouraging, considering that none of the three Biblical Parents’ Life classes are being offered this semester. Apart from this, around 120 people are involved in a one on one class. This means 30% of the congregation will be involved in studying or teaching the Bible this semester. This is also a significant proportion considering the size of our church.

You may not realize this, but the people in our church are involved in a defined life cycle. All members belong to a house church and live a life of community. They get answers to questions on how to live by taking the Life Series Bible Studies, and go back to their house church for hands-on application. This application continues at their work and home. They live a balanced life during the weekdays and come to church on Sundays and experience God inspiring worship. And with their joy and energy replenished from worship, they serve the church and once again go back to their life routines. This kind of genuine cycle of life is being carried out in our church.

This is the sort of life the Apostle Paul proposes in Romans 12:1 – “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.” And I believe that this is the exact reason that many people in our congregation confess and express happiness. I truly encourage all of you to continuously participate in the Life Series Bible Study classes, serve the church, and actively live the life of a Christian at work and home, so that we may continue to live a life of happiness.

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