Am I God’s Only Favorite

One of our deacons recently shared a personal testimony during a Saturday morning prayer meeting. He had been assigned to a task group at his company. When he later moved to a company he had admired and wanted to work for, they hired him because of his experience in the task group. After switching jobs, the task group he was a part of disbanded. And each of the 4 people at his new company who contributed to the decision to hire him retired or changed jobs soon after he joined; none of them remain at the company. He said that it seemed like God formed the task group in his former company and kept the 4 people who hired him in the new company just for his benefit.

When people hear testimonies like these, some feel that they’re too egocentric. They sometimes ridicule them, asking, “Do you think you’re God’s only favorite?”

But yes, this deacon is God’s only favorite. God loves him like he’s His only child. The entire universe exists for him. If life were a movie, he would be the lead, and everyone else – the task group members and the 4 people who hired him – would be extras.

But if we were to focus on one of these extras, if he happens to be a Christian, we would find that he is the lead of the movie, and that everyone else, including the deacon, are simply extras, because God loves him like he’s the only person in the entire universe.

God is producing a drama starring each one of His children. In every drama, everyone else exists simply to support the lead. And each drama has a happy ending. There are accidents and crises, but God puts them there to make their story more interesting and their endings more fulfilling.

God directs multiple dramas at the same time. When the main actors of each drama cooperate with God’s plot, everything goes smoothly. If actors stray from God’s planned plot by disobeying Him or by trying to write their own scripts, the production of the drama may be delayed or shut down. But there is no reason to worry. If they repent and come back to God, He will resume work on their stories. The content and ending may change, but it will have an interesting story and a happy ending.

It is a great privilege to have the great Director as our father, who produces beautiful dramas starring us with happy endings.

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