Active Worship

There is a close relationship between spiritual growth and worship. People who are spiritually vibrant are also really into worship. Conversely, people who seem to be backsliding spiritually do not enjoy worship. If you consider your own life, you may see that periods of spiritual growth were times when you worshiped wholeheartedly, and that periods of spiritual stagnancy were times when you worshiped half-heartedly.

It is hard to tell whether you grow spiritually because you engage in meaningful worship, or whether you have meaningful worship experiences because you are growing spiritually. But there is undoubtedly a correlation between spiritual growth and worship.

Whether you have a meaningful worship experience or not depends more on yourself than the worship service itself. We know this is true because some people can have a great worship experience while others do not in the very same worship service.

If you want to experience true worship you must engage yourselves actively. I would like to share a few tips:

Arrive for worship at least several minutes, if not 10 minutes early and prepare yourself. It is hard to have good worship if you are in a hurried state when you arrive.

When praying Korean-style (everyone praying in a full voice), raise your voice to a level where your voice drowns out the voices of those around you. Pray fervently.

When you sing, sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t worry about singing off-key. Don’t sing in a lower key. Sing with all your heart. When you sing, try to experience the same feelings the songwriters did. If your mind drifts, make a conscientious effort to focus on the lyrics of the song.

When deacons lead public prayer, say “Amen” when you agree with what they say. “Amen” is a Greek word meaning “I agree”. Say it loud. Don’t worry about what other people may think.

When you make an offering, offer thanks in your heart to God, who provides you with a job and health. When you tithe, remember the graciousness of God, who allows you to keep 90% of what He gives.

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