A Welcoming Headache

Recently we have baptism ceremony every Sunday except when we have the Lord’s Supper. It is a proof that many people are getting saved through our church.

There is no greater joy than seeing people come to the Lord and get saved. However, there are also new challenges. Lack of parking spaces is one of them. To help solve the parking problem, I urge you to serious consider the following matters.

1. Only park in the designated spaces and times at the church next door. We can only park there after 11:15 PM, within the spaces designated by the red traffic cones. We have received a phone call from them again asking us not to park beyond the designated spaces. If they decided not to allow us to use their parking lot, it would be a big problem. Please keep in mind!
2. Please seriously consider car-pooling. If every family will bring only one car to church, it should eliminate the parking problem. I know it’s not possible for some families. I ask each House Church groups sign up three families for voluntary car-pooling.
3. We have designated double parking area. If you double park, you must leave your car in neutral when you leave the car. That way, we can move your car if you are blocking somebody. If you have a new car which does not allow to remove a car key in neutral, you cannot double park. Since the gravel parking lot is designated for the NLF members, Korean speaking congregation members should not park there.
4. I would appreciate it if those of you have completed the first service go home immediately to make parking spaces available for those attending the second service.

Church is considering the following options:

1. Either start the 1st service 15 minutes earlier or the 2nd service 15 minutes later to allow ample time for people to vacate the parking lot.
2. Rent parking spaces on Sundays from the school next door and provide van transportation.
3. Start 3rd service on Sunday evenings. But since the main goal of the evening service is to reach the younger people and those working in the “flea market”, it will not provide much relief with the parking problems.

We are feeling the pinch not only for the parking spaces, but in education and worship spaces also. As we have done before, but even more so now, please do not invite who are already believers to our church. We must fill the remaining parking, education, and worship spaces with non-believers.

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