A Life I Never Dreamed Of Living

I’m living a life I never dreamed I would. And I’m being used by God far beyond my capabilities.

The Apostle Paul said that God’s power is made perfect in human weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). I am a living example of this truth. God has placed me in situations where my weaknesses become strengths and my shortcomings virtues.

For example, I don’t react quickly to sudden changes in situation. When I saw “Saving Private Ryan”, in which Tom Hanks portrays a platoon leader, I thought that I would be a terrible one, because I can’t react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. But God turned this shortcoming into strength by making me someone who prepares in advance. My inability to change quickly made me a pastor who is known for having steady, unchanging goals.

There are a few things I do very well, but many I can’t do well at all. So I have to find partners who can do the things I can’t and delegate responsibilities to them. This trustful delegation has helped make our house church ministry successful.

I am very comfortable being by myself without others around, to a fault – I don’t have a strong desire to make friends. God used this undesirable character trait and made me known as a pastor who does not play favorites and is fair to all.

I am an introvert who prefers to avoid crowds or speaking in front of many people. For this reason, I have declined many invitations to speak at rallies and offers to be an officer at important organizations. God used my timidity to make me a man who is reputed to not seek fame or glory.

Often, I am slow in understanding. Right after I was commissioned as an Ensign in the Korean Navy, I went with my fellow new officers to visit the Communications Chief of Staff at the Naval Headquarters. The others knew that this man would determine our posts and responsibilities, and to them he was almost a God-like figure, so they were awe-struck and subdued. But I was slow in realizing his importance. So when I met him, I cracked a joke. God used my slowness to make me seem bold and creative.

Without God, I may have become a useless, worthless man who lamented his weaknesses and shortcomings. Instead, He made me a useful person and an effective pastor. He has taken hold of my weaknesses and shortcomings and turned them into strength and virtues.

A genius sculptor doesn’t complain about the materials he has. In his hands, whatever it is, be it wood, stone, or mud, can be made into beautiful art. I think that God is like that. He can use anyone for His purpose when we entrust our lives into His hand and obey Him absolutely.

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