A Christian View On Homosexuality

As Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, some Christians have expressed their concerns about his support for same-sex marriage.

How should Christians treat homosexuals? With love. Christians must love them just as they love hot-tempered or arrogant people. At the same time, Christians must acknowledge that homosexuality is a sin, just as violence and pride are sins.

The Bible calls an action sin when it deviates from what God intended. For example, sexual intercourse is a pleasure God gave to couples who vowed to remain connected in marriage until death. So physical sex between unmarried couples is called sin – fornification – because it deviates from God’s intentions. Sex with someone who is not one’s spouse is also called sin – adultery – because it also deviates from God’s intentions for sexual relationships. For the same reason, physical sexual relationships between the same gender is called sin (Rom 1:22-27).

Some believe that homosexuality is genetic. Others claim that it’s an acquired lifestyle. The truth may be somewhere in between. But regardless of the cause, being homosexual is no more a sin than being hot-tempered. But just as acting violently as a result of one’s hot temper is sin, so is practicing homosexuality.

The claim that love towards the same sex can’t be called sin because it’s a natural desire is as wrong as claiming that sex between singles or sex outside of marriage can’t be called sin because they’re in love. They are all sins because they deviate from God’s intentions.

Christians whose spouses lose their ability to have sex must still remain faithful to their spouses, and they can with help from God. Those with homosexual urgings can also control their desires with God’s help. In fact, many homosexuals are freed from their homosexual desires and enter heterosexual relationships, get married, and have happy families.

When President Obama asked Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration, many same-sex marriage supporters protested, because Pastor Warren opposes same-sex marriage.

Christians oppose same-sex marriage not because we hate homosexuals but because we want to preserve the institution of marriage. Because people falsely believe that there are no differences between men and women, being male has lost its masculinity, and being female its femininity. As a result, children don’t have role models for mothers and fathers, leading to confusion and the loss of their sexual identity. If we legalize same sex marriage, such confusion would increase, more families will break up, and it may eventually lead to the destruction of civilization as we know it.

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