2004 Special Prayer Meetings

We will be having our annual revival from February 12-15. The guest speaker will be Rev. Kim Jung Myung, senior pastor of Yu Soo Full Gospel Church in Korea. He is a pastor I admire greatly, and he lives what he preaches. When I first met him after being invited to speak at his church, he casually mentioned that he only had one kidney. He had donated the other to someone who needed one. He talked about this as if it was nothing special, like he was giving away clothes to someone who needed it.

He also introduced a baby to me as his son. I was confused, because he and his wife were past childbearing age. He explained that the baby had been left at his doorstep with a note saying “I cannot raise this baby. Please help him find a Christian home.” His home was obviously a “Christian home” so he decided to raise the child himself as his son. It is a great honor to have him as our guest speaker.

As we usually do before revival meetings, we will be holding 10 special prayer meetings at 5:30 AM. As you know, I like to choose a book to preach from during these special prayer meetings. This year we’ll be looking at “The Purpose Driven Life”, written by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California. I fell in love with the book as soon as I started reading it and I felt it would be a great help for our church members in setting life goals and living meaningful lives.

In the past, I’ve covered an entire book. This year will be a bit different. The book has 40 chapters, and each chapter has a memory verse and reflection question. During the special prayer meetings, I will only cover the first 10 chapters. The rest of the book will be covered in our house church meetings. House church members will read one chapter each week and share their thoughts. I hope that studying this book helps our church members find God’s will for their lives.

It’s been our custom to fast and pray over one prayer request for 10 days. The fast involves skipping dinner. Participation is still voluntary, but fasting itself becomes official starting this year. I urge members not to have evening meals at church meetings during this period. That includes house church meetings. Members who are not fasting are encouraged to eat before coming to church meetings.

I hope that the 10 day special prayer meetings become an opportunity to have our prayers answered and build our Christian walk.

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