Thy Light in My Darkness

By Pastor Tae Pae
Last week, I was able to preach at the Jasper Kids in Wiang Pa Pao to encourage and comfort the kids. I shared with them that the Light of Christ will shine brightly through our darkness. In our darkness, we must not allow defeat to overtake our soul but learn to see the victorious work of Christ.

Just as Paul said, “Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.” 2 Cor. 6:10. Thus, we must reclaim the past defeat as victory by releasing the spiritual strength we have gained from pain and suffering.

By Kathy Pae
My husband and I first saw Chaiyapon while visiting the Agape Home (Orphanage for Children with HIV/AIDS) with the Thailand summer mission team led by Robert Adkins and Sang Chon. He has not been there but about a week or so. He was then nine months old.

Avis said the government hospital had contacted her to take him to Agape as they felt there was no hope for his survival. She readily brought him into the midst of the Agape Home children and all the loving workers and volunteers there. He was fighting pneumonia, his fever was very high, and he was very emaciated – just skin and bones.

He was as light as a feather, had no teeth, could not sit or crawl at nine months. His head was enlarged, and he was very weak. He has been in the care of Agape for about a month now, being held, loved, and covered with kisses every minute. He still has no teeth, still cannot sit or crawl, and is recovering from his second pneumonia. But, he is smiling, has gained some weight, and is improving physically and emotionally weekly.

It has certainly been a great personal joy and privilege as we witness God’s loving hand on Chaiyapon. Please pray for Chaiyapon to experience Jesus through the hands and faces of the lovely people at Agape. As Avis always says, “Our actions must show Jesus all the time.”

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