Prayer for Sang & Justy


Join me in a prayer for Sang and Justy. Let us cry-out to the Lord until they can feel the impact of our prayer.

Lord, I pray that the affection of Christ be revealed through Sang & Justy as a joyful desire to give thanks to You rises from their soul. Allow the indestructible, inexhaustible, and inseparable hope we have in Christ to ignite their faith to risk their lives for the sake of others. I also ask that there be an evidence of the Holy Spirit’s inner work in their lives so that the advancement of the gospel would go forth through them.

I will continue to pray as their faith in Christ works through love so that Sang & Justy will ache to be filled with the intimate and sacred knowledge of Your will. Also, as they deeply depend upon spiritual wisdom, enable them to discern what is pure and holy. Thus, their walk and lifestyle be lived in the manner worthy of the Lord by becoming an imprint of Your beauty.

I seek you, Lord, that Sang & Justy will have an on-going passion to please You by constantly and increasingly bearing fruit as an evidence of being Your disciples. Lord, increase the sacred knowledge in Sang & Justy by allowing them to discover fully the insights of Your word, and their strength be the manifestation of Your power that enables them to be steadfast in every kind of trials. Mostly, may their patience with life circumstances be the evidence of inner strength that comes from You, O Lord.

May Sang & Justy joyfully give thanks to You, because You are continuously at work in their lives by making them able to share in Your inheritance, to completely be delivered from the domain of darkness, and to be fully awakened to the Kingdom of Your Son. Therefore, may Sang & Justy perpetually give You thanks for the forgiveness of sins and for making them be the object of Your grace.

Lord, may Sang & Justy forever be drawn to Your beauty and be an instrument that mediates Your grace and peace to others. In Jesus name Amen.

Pastor Tae

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