Long-Term Missions

Our focus for the long-term team in Thailand is to start the House Church. We will build one House Church at a time and hope to have several by the end of the fourth year. Once we have enough House Churches, we will gather on a Sunday to celebrate together once a month, and then progress to meet every Sunday to establish a NLF Church.

In order to accomplish our task, we hope to establish a partnership with the OMF as the One-Year Thailand Team had recommended. I was able to meet with the OMF Thailand Director and shared with him our focus and vision, and he was very excited about our plan. I will be developing our partnership with the OMF this year.

In addition, I will be developing a detailed, strategic plan for the long-term team and submit the plan to Pastor Eric and the Leadership Team in the next few months. Once the plan is approved, we will make the application for the long-term available and start the recruiting process. One of the requirements I would like to make is for anyone who wants to be a candidate to have completed or will be completing Classes 101-401, the Living Life Bible Class, Transforming Life Class, and the Perspective Course. I hope to send the long-term team out sometime next year.

However, if any of our members who are approved by our leadership team to be career missionaries feel led by the Lord to serve in a country that is not consistent with our Church vision, we encourage and recommend them to join IMB, the International Mission Board of Southern Baptist Convention.

With IMB, you will be able to serve at a country that God is calling you to serve, and if you are accepted as a missionary they will cover all of your financial cost. We support IMB every year through Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, and they are our denomination. So, if you are called to a nation other than our Church focus, please join IMB, and spiritually and prayerfully we will support and take ownership of you.

Also, the IMB offers 2 to 3 years missions program called “Journeyman” for singles who are 21 to 29 years of age and “ISC” (International Service Corp.) for singles and couples who are over 21 years of age. The “Journeyman” requires a bachelor’s degree before applying, but the ISC does not. Once you are accepted, the IMB will fully support you financially, freeing you from having to raise funds.

These great opportunities are available through our Southern Baptist denomination, and we want you to take advantage of it and help spread the gospel. Furthermore, our Church offers great short-term opportunities every year. Therefore, we will not financially support individuals who want to do their own missions that are not connected to our Church.

Members who do not want to follow our Church mission vision or take the opportunities offered by IMB must raise their own funds outside of our Church. We do not allow fund raising to be done in our Church with our members. Finally, Pastor Eric, Pastor Tae and the Leadership Team must approve our members who are going to represent our Church on the mission field.

P. Tae

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