I Intend to…

We intend to do a lot with our lives but often the most important things slip by…

At the Agape, Avis has a sign on the wall that says, “I intend to,” so I asked her about the significance of the sign. Avis told me a story about a Burmese woman who was dying of AIDS in the Thai government hospital.

Avis used to visit the hospital once a week to encourage the women who were dying of AIDS. Avis tried to share the gospel with a Burmese woman but could not clearly communicate the message, so she promised to bring a Burmese Bible the next day. Although Avis thought about the Burmese woman the next day and the day that followed, she failed to take the Bible to her because of her ministry demands.

One day, Avis decided she must follow through with her intention, got a Burmese Bible, and went to the hospital. However, she found that the day before her visit the woman fell out of her bed and died. Avis was convicted that any good intentions were worthless if actions don’t follow. The sign on her wall is a reminder to all at Agape to just do it, rather than intend to do it, before it’s too late.

The Four-Year Team will be intentionally be transiting to the Centre, which is a ministry that is doing everything I dream of doing in Chiang Mai. They are effectively reaching out to our target people group, and serving with this ministry would be a great opportunity to advance the gospel together.

When I was first introduces to the Centre ministry through Avis, the Centre was going though many changes. Thus, at that time, I didn’t foresee any partnership with them. Also, the long-term team hadn’t arrived in Chiang Mai yet.

Soon after the arrival of the Long-term team, David Kim attended a local Thai Church and met Opal, a director at the Centre. David was asked to substitute for a class and he accepted. A day after serving at the Centre, David said to me, “Pastor Tae, they are doing everything you want to do.” The next day, I went to the Centre with David and immediately felt that we needed to partner with the Centre.

I met with Rob, the regional director of the Centre, and we were on the same page from day one. The team members and I are very excited about the opportunity to work together at the Centre.

Prayer Requests:

1. For the Chiang Mai Team to transition the ministry from Jasper Kids to the Centre without complications.

2. For the Team to meet cultural helpers (Thai Friends) who will give us with the insider’s perspective on Thai culture and life.

3. For the Team to stay unified and spiritually focused in order to fulfill the New Life’s vision.

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