The end of the year is coming, so I want to inform you about the three chord morning prayer.  We normally start the three chord morning prayer from the first Wednesday after the New Year.  In the coming year, that day is January 3rd and I was concerned that it may be too soon after New Year’s day.  Therefore, we are planning to start from January 10th which is the second Wednesday of the month.

Two years ago, the book chosen was “The Resolution for Men”.  At that time, I promised to pick a book for women later, so this time a book titled “Woman, your mission is..” by Paul Tournier was selected as a textbook for the prayer.  As you may know, we used Dr. Paul Tournier’s book before as a text book for the morning prayer.   He was a physician born in Switzerland and was interested in Medicine of the Person, which is an attempt to heal the body as well as the mind through counseling.

Dr. Tournier wrote this book in his later life as he considered the cause of various issues of current society and concluded that is because women are not doing the mission given to them and wrote the book to address the issue.  To be more exact, rather than holding that women are not doing their mission, he maintains that our whole society is male oriented and that this has destroyed the healthy role of women.

Man and woman both have their unique strength.  God created it that way so that two can balance each other and make the world as a place of abundance, but man overpowered woman’s character, so society became male dominated.  As a result, straightforward, competitive and combative tendency led society and in turn society became tough and harsh.  The author emphasizes even now that women should return to their original mission.  Therefore, this book is for women but it is very helpful for men also so I strongly recommend for men to read it.

The writer’s claim makes sense.   We all desperately need emotionally healthy woman; a mom who knows her role and teaches her children with confidence and a wife who is a helper in the biblical sense.  We can see very clearly how such women will make a difference in home and society.  For such reasons, we will use this book as a textbook and add many practical notes to build a role model for a spiritually healthy woman.

Often during the three chord prayer, many moms with young children do not participate, but I encourage them to come this time.  I heard that the previous book about man was very helpful to woman.  Just the same way, this book about woman will be very helpful to men also.  Therefore, I encourage brothers to read the book and listen to the lecture attentively during the three chord prayer.

It is my prayer that we will start New Year with our eyes focused on God and with plenty of answered prayers; it will be a chance to come closer to God.  Also, many VIPs come to this Morning Prayer and gain faith through it.  Therefore, please encourage new believers or VIPs with prayer requests to be a part of this blessed event.

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