What is the Mormonism?

Shortly before the US presidential election in 2012, a reference to Mormonism as a cult was scrubbed from the website for Evangelist Billy Graham, citing that religious debate should not become politicized during the campaign. And many Christians supported Mitt Romney, who was a Mormon, in the last election. I am not in the position to say anything about the presidential election choices since it is an individual’s choice in voting, however, I have a concern that people might mistakenly understand Mormonism as a Christian Religion. Furthermore, a well-known megachurch pastor has claimed that Mormonism is a Christian Religion since Mormons believe in Jesus Christ.

We at the pastoral staff office just finished reading a book called “Mormon America”. This book was written not by a Christian but by a journalist who conducted a long-term study with a high degree of objectivity. It was over 460 pages long and helped us to understand Mormonism. In conclusion, Mormonism is so far from Christianity that it is more like paganism than Christianity.

First of all, Mormonism references Bible but does not recognize it. Mormons follow the Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith told of receiving revelations from an angel of God. But these revelations still continue through the leaders of Mormonism. For example, the founder, Joseph Smith, claimed that the polygamy was a revelation from God, however, when polygamy was outlawed by the U.S. Government, he dropped the practice of polygamy in 1890 by saying the new revelation had come. This is how the revelations received by Joseph Smith have been continually accommodating situational changes even though the revelations at the beginning might have been similar to Christianity.

From the perspective of the continuing changes to their revelations Mormonism is more like polytheistic religion than believing in God. According to the Book of Mormon, God did not create the universe in the beginning. Rather, the universe existed from the beginning with many gods whose utmost was God. God and his wife were physical beings who had many children among whom were Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. God was not the utmost from the beginning, but He became the utmost through the sanctification process. As a result, when people go to heaven, they get gradually developed into a god, and eventually, they become a wonderful god just like the utmost.

The founder, Joseph Smith, had many wives, totaling around 50. When he found a girl he liked, he threatened the girl with “non-compliance to the will of God” but promised the eternal life and good fortune with complying to the will of God. There was a case where he forced a married woman to divorce her husband for him, and in other case he forced sisters to marry him.

The influence of the Mormon church in US is undeniable big. They have total assets of more than $30 billion. They own hotels, banks, media, real estate, food, etc. There are also many top executives in business who are Mormons. The economic dominance drives Mormons into political power. Mormons put a greater emphasis on family life and community service under the banner of the continuing success despite the fact that Mormonism demands for the total obedience; Mormon churches hide their organization and finances; and they ban on religious discussions.

Even though I felt sad, pathetic, and unfathomable after reading the book, I also had a concern for what their ultimate goal is.

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