We are looking for volunteers for our 333 prayer group

One year has passed already and it is time to ask for volunteers for our 333 prayer group. I would like to thank from bottom of my heart to all the volunteers that served as part of 333 prayer group during past year to pray about our church and family. There are a few members of our church that ask ‘what is the 333 prayer group?’ It is a group that prays three times a day, right before your meal time for 33 seconds. There is not any special meaning to 33 second, but was selected for the ease of memory.

When you become a member of 333 prayer group, we will give a standing prayer topic for the whole year and when there is a special prayer topic that arises in our church, we will let you know through a letter. Last year’s standing prayer topic was “To give wisdom, spiritual strength, and health for Pastor Sookwan Lee and to stabilize the eyes of Sister Eun Joo Lee (Paster Lee’s wife) so that it will not become worse during the year.” Looking back on the year, it appears that we received all answers to our prayer request.

First, it was a peaceful year for our church and bore many fruits. I don’t remember being sick at all last year and was able to handle all my duties well. Even though nothing has been finalized, I received wisdom to think seriously about many parts of our church, and there may be creative changes that will come about in our church through this. Through the power of Spirit, we experienced healing power during the worship service, and allowed many to experience Holy Spirit during bible studies. The key challenge for my wife this past year was to continue to maintain minimal eyesight to live an independent life. Because of your many prayers, she continued to maintain necessary eyesight. I think all these were possible only with the great effort you put into your prayers.

This year, there will be new efforts and changes in many part of our church. Some of the examples are; what I discussed a few weeks ago about plans for our budget, or some of the things in the education ministry I discussed during 10 day 3-strand prayer time. Also there will be a big environmental change in Houston due to the recent announcement about the beginning of direct flights between Seoul and Houston. Establishment of the direct flights is welcome news as it is an answer to our prayers about having many more VIPs to serve in this city. But, as Korean population increases with time, maybe not in the beginning but with passing time, it could also bring challenges along with opportunities.

With these things in mind, I have decided on following prayer topic. “Give Leadership to Pastor Sookwan Lee to be able to respond with wisdom to many internal and external changes, and for my wife’s eyes to not deteriorate anymore to allow her to have a normal life.” Starting this week, we will be recruiting new members, and I wish that many can respond to this request to participate in the intercessory prayer for the church and main pastor of the church.

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