Ways to be considerate toward VIPs

I cannot stress enough on being considerate toward VIPs in House church. Each House Church is doing its best to do so, and below are the most important points to remember.

First, show interest but do not ask about personal stuffs too much. When VIPs come to House Church for the first time, the most important thing is to care and welcome them. They are halfhearted about House church and if people are indifferent toward them, they will regret coming from the moment they arrive. It is important for every members to greet them with broad smiles and a sense of welcome. However don’t overdo it. People try to engage in small talk to show interest and ask questions like, ‘what bring you to the U.S.?’, ‘What college did you go in Korea?’, ‘Why did you come alone?’ and so on. Everyone has a different past and a questions that’s fine with one person can put another in predicament. So, instead of throwing specific questions, ask general questions that are open-ended so the person can answer the part he/she feels comfortable answering. Also, be considerate and avoid prying into personal affairs.

Second, be considerate toward VIPs but at the same time, do not make them the odd one out. In House church, people tend to set up the dinner table together and if you direct the VIP to sit down and stay back while everyone else is up and working about in the kitchen, your kind intentions might actually make the VIP feel out of place. In situations like this, you can ask them to do some light chores. If it’s a sister, ask her to place silverwares or set table and if it’s a brother, have him assist with the barbeque. Having them involved is a more considerate thing to do.

Third, invite them to House church but do not pressure them. When new VIPs come to House Church, showing interest and expressing hope that they will continuously come is clear consideration. Rather than delivering nonchalant ‘don’t care’ message, it is good to show your gladness in having them and your hope of having them become a member. But at the same time, you should let them know that there are other House churches they can visit and that they can freely decide on which one to choose and not be forced to stay with the first House church they visited.

Lastly, when they want to leave, express your sadness, but do not pester them. When VIPs want to quit House church for whatever reason, you should investigate the reason to challenge them if the decision was made based on laziness or unbelief. However, if the reason to leave is due to conflict or displeasure and you try to persuade them, it could come off as pestering. If you keep insisting and hold on, they end up having to reject you strongly several times. And later on, if they want to come back because they realize they were at fault, it will be harder for them to come back, because they were too harsh on you when they left. Therefore, it is considerate thing to do to let them go if some misunderstanding or displeasure arises in House church over small matters so that there is room for reconciliation later on.

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