Some stopped coming to house church often say that they feel their time is wasted.  They do not feel that they gain any through sharing and they feel it is wast of time and therefore, they do not want to come.  They are busy and need to spend time with children, so they do not have time for house church.  This line of thinking comes from the lack of understanding of the value of house church.

If they do not come to house church, what will they do during that time?  They can go out for a drive or eat out as a family but that is not that often.  The time is most likely spent to watch TV and do nothing of any value.  It is very rare for couple or children to get together to share a meaningful conversation.  Without house church, we ended up living the same dreary life without a chance to review life and its direction.

We all need at least once a week a chance to stop and think about one’s own life, thoughts, and relationships.  We also need a chance to hear others and their thoughts.  Sharing each others opinion is a very valuable time in our lives.

People of these days need a balance in two areas; intelligence and emotion.  The world we live in tends to demand more of intellectual and logical side as if emotion is not necessary.  However, if we neglect emotion, we cannot fully grow our leadership skill or creativity.

The emotional training is done through relationship, which is not through sharing information at work, but through human relationship through shared lives.  As we express our concerns and cares including hurts and when we can shoulder each others burden, our emotions can mature.  Where else can this be achieved other than house church?  If one can not see the value in this, I wonder what is valuable.

Before I became a pastor, I worked in a company for 15 years.  Some successfully climbed the corporate ladder but I also witnessed many who did not.  One reason could be their low level of work efficiency but the other reason is their inability to form a good relationship or make a good connection.  Some may view house church as a wasted time, but through time and meeting with many different people, it expand our horizen and helps us to horn our relationship skill.

This concept applies to children also.  Trying to be nice to children since you are too busy for them other times can do more harm than good.  The most important thing for children is to set up an environment where children will not be self centered.  When children grow up in a home where guests come often and children can learn from other adults, it is the best environment for them to grow up. House Church is the best place we can provide to our children.


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