There will be changes in setting up the church’s budget and administration

From this year, there will be changes in setting up the church budget and its administration. So far, each department was allocated with a portion of the expected income and at the year’s end, whatever was leftover was used to help others. Under this system, there was a tendency to inflate figures by appropriating certain amount for some ministry work which was not really intended to be carried out. Since it was common knowledge that there would be a surplus, often the budget was not followed.

This practice possibly led to over purchasing since it was assumed that there would be sufficient funds. I am afraid that the spirit of prudence in execution of church financewas lacking.

Therefore, from this year, church departments will not set up their budget as it used to. Instead they will review their expenses for its validity to ensure the most efficient spending. In a few days, the accounting/finance department will distribute budget proposals to each department. When the proposal form is received, please set up a special committee in each department to review the customary budget, and to set up a savings plan.

Of course, the goal is not just to save. I do not propose to reduce ministry work which we are committed to do. It does not mean that our church will be a miser either. When we strive to be frugal, we have a tendency to become miserly toward others and to lose the abundant life style. We need to be careful to avoid both extremes. My intention is to make changes so that the habitual waste to be avoided. Therefore, everybody who works in the ministry office, kitchen, classroom, etc., should share the spirit of prudence but must not become miserly.

There will also be changes in the area of contributions. So far, the surplus was disbursed based on certain principles. The principles were to support a group rather than an individual, one time support rather than periodic support, support for fixed assets rather than consumables, and if possible support for the house church ministry. However, if we are more careful, we can change the areas of disbursement and expand it. Also, instead of helping others using a surplus, we are planning to set aside certain amount for this purpose so that we can support the area as we carry out the budget.

Our church has been blessed so that we did not experience a reduction in finances or shortages. It is my prayer that we will practice good stewardship by being prudent, while to be more generous toward others.

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