The way to carry out tireless ministry

The biggest purpose of House Church is to share love among the body of Christ and to allow unbelievers to experience God, and the best way to obtain power to self-propel is to save souls and to raise-up new shepherd. But how can a House Church not lose motivation in places like Houston where the Korean population is low, making it harder for House Churches to find VIPs and grow in size? I shared last week how we should not stop saving souls, but grow in faith together and how the Survival Kit is a great tool for this.

I am planning on providing other methods to help. For example, more standardized teaching guides for the Survival Kit will be provided, and another 1-on-1 course that will allow shepherds to study with their members is being prepared. Currently we have Experiencing God (another 1-on-1 course), but people seem to wait to take this course when they think they are ready for Shepherd anointing. Therefore, I feel that another 1-on-1 course will be helpful, and I have begun developing it.

I am also thinking of other ways to help Shepherds lead their members in their faith. One of the areas is in raising children. I think it would be a good for all House Church members to make an effort on the education of their children. Another area I am thinking of is the women’s ministry. A program for women who want to come to Church after their children go to school is being developed.
I am thinking about these different ways for us to continue to minister without being worn out, but all these may be of little help. The most important thing is for shepherds to experience the joy of developing a deeper relationship with God through service. When you marry someone you love, there is a thrilling joy of looking at your beautiful wife or just holding hands. But ultimately, it is the deepening relationship with your spouse that will guide you into the joy of marriage. Just like when a couple faces difficulties together and sacrifice for each other, the trust and faith that develops from these experiences allow them to live together for years. We have to develop a deeper relationship with God through service to him.

But to be able to do this, there we must make sacrifices and be patient. Only then can we be thankful as He fills our lives and allows us to know Him more. We have to concentrate on spending time with God more than ministry. When there are many fruits, we can be thankful, but when the ministry is not going well and becomes painful, we can use that period as a time of sacrifice and develop a deeper relationship with God. This will allow our faith and trust to continue to grow.

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