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Our church has many remarkable cultures. One of them is a fine web board culture. It’s hard to find a web board that is better disciplined and warmer than our own in this world. Everyone writes their posts in their real names, shares writings of encouragement and regards one another. Even though it’s not controlled by a membership, we hardly get odd postings.

It has become like this mainly because Pastor Chai put in a lot of effort into shaping that kind of web culture. Pastor Chai had a strong belief that the internet could contribute to cultivating the gracious culture of the church and put in a lot of his own time into it. He did not restrict the board by membership, even though being open to everyone made it more difficult to manage and to make sure anyone was welcomed to post their writings. He checked on the web site frequently so that he could comment on a posting in timely manner to promote posting.

Compared to Pastor Chai, I do not invest that much time on our web board. I go in once a day and sometimes once in about 3 days. That is the reason why I write replies on web postings all at once. And maybe that is the reason why our web board has declined in traffic and activities. Also, people love to use text programs such as Kakaotalk and don’t even check our web board anymore. If we continue in this fashion, I am afraid there will be only one or two postings in a month, making it look lonesome and deserted. So, I repented first. I am going to consider many different ways to promote activities in our web board and will check on it frequently. I hope you will put some amount of effort into this as well.

First, please post writings often. Write about wonderful stories in Mokjang, episodes, stories of your life, stories unfolding right now, praising God, praising church, praising Mokjang, and so on. Please post all the abundant testimonies and touching confessions of change shared during Mokjang since we don’t always get to hear them. I believe that those kinds of stories will warm up our hearts. Also, I’d like to ask you to comment on a posting instead of just reading. Leave a comment of encouragement or after thoughts. People who post tend to feel rejected if there are no comments. Also, our church gets some postings from outside church members, and a person who works up the courage to write but doesn’t receive any comments could take it as a rejection to future postings. As a result, that person might feel discouraged from posting again.

But you are not the type to do that, are you? Revival speakers tell me that it is hard to find a more friendly audience than our church members. Exchange pastors tell me the same thing. However, we tend to appear cold on the internet, and yes, I am to blame. So, from now on, let us make a wonderful internet space together. I hope we can create a space where we can exercise the advice from the bible that tells us to ‘care and encourage one another’ by writing stories in our lives and by posting friendly comments.

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