Summarizing My 5 Weeks of Travel

My travels during the first half of the year are coming to an end, and I want to share a summary of my travels with the church members. The biggest result of my travels is the potential growth of House Church in Africa in a big way through the Mozambique church. Missionary Myung-Sup Jung has been successful at setting up churches but lacked a direction of how to spread the House Church. But during my visit there, there were 200 local pastors that came together, and they showed a great interest in House Church saying they now have found a direction for their ministry.

I promised to Missionary Jung to have a House Church Seminar for Pastors during the first half of next year at his church, and promised to help him in other ways to make it possible. First, the seminar material for House Church has to be revised to meet African environment and has to be translated into the local language. Most important is to revise the core course of House Church, Living Life Bible Course, to be more appropriate for the local culture and for lower education levels there. But most urgent is to revise it in such a way to not weaken the special African nature existing in Missionary Jung’s church for Mokjang and worship, but at same time for House Church spirit to come out. For this, I may have to visit Africa once more during second half of this year and once next year. After that, I think Missionary Jung can continue with the work, and I believe that House Church will take root and spread well in Africa.

One thing more is that Mozambique uses Portuguese, while South Africa uses English. So, if we can find a church in South Africa which uses English to become a model church that can host a House Church seminar, I think that will result in wide-spread expansion of House Church in Africa. I think our church will have to play a significant role to help this region set up healthy churches.

Right now, I am in Korea to attend Pastor’s Conference. Taking advantage of this, I and my wife are leading seminars at separate churches. I am attending Korean conference to become more familiar with Korean environment to prepare for future lectures I may have to give in Korea. When the conference ends on Thursday, I will be heading back to America, but my wife will stay to lead seminars at two more churches before heading back to home.

Starting with Austin Conference on April 21, I attended SBTC board meeting in Dallas, went to Africa, and then I came to Korea which totaled 5 weeks of travels. The reason I scheduled all the travels together is because of Living Life Bible Course. If possible, I do not want to have any off week or maybe have just one week off while teaching Living Life Bible Course. So I wanted to avoid being out of town while next Living Life Bible Course is in session. This has resulted in a busy travel schedule for me because I wanted lump all my travels before next Living Life Bible Course started.

But I tried to be at church on Sundays even through my travels, so during my return flights home, I prepared my summons. There were some hardships on me when I prepared summons while on the returning flights, but I become very joyful when I think of being together with our church members during the weekend.

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